What is ritual

ritual is a activity but when something is magical to us we develop ritual to create the belief that we can control uncontrollable and inexplicable.

A ritual is something that we do unconsciously so we no longer apply logic or a real thought process to actions

Effect of rituals

It may include sacrifices and prayer, rituals may have future benefits for those involved, such a happiness, mental health, religious experience. Rituals are important in providing a sense of security and loyalty to each individual person and our society.

ritual can effects our society in Two ways. good and bad way

in good way it increase leadership Quality And rituals dark side can be that erroneous belief, it can reduce creativity.

Relation between rituals and religion

Rituals, not shared beliefs, provide the glue that holds together religious communities over a long period of time, says a Penn State sociologist.

“Members of a congregation may assume that they hold common religious beliefs, but it is religious ritual that creates and sustains continued fellowship,” says Dr. Daniel B. Lee assistant professor of sociology at Penn State’s DuBois Campus.

“This is a key point for understanding the social structure of religious communities and the relationship between ritual and belief,” Lee notes. “While an individual may sincerely hold religious beliefs, a group does not have a common mind and cannot hold any belief. Faith becomes socially relevant through action. Until there is action, religion is socially meaningless.”

Famous rituals and their reasons in india


In india Women keeps vrats(fasts)for their husband’s wellness. It helps to detoxify our body and give our digestive system some rest in between for cleaning purpose


in indian culture when people greeting they join their hands palm and say namaste.Joining the tipes of the fingers activate the pressure point of eye,ear and mind which eventually help us to remember the person for a long time

3-toe rings

Normally women used to wear toe ring. Toe rings press the important pressure point which help woman in the regular menstrual cycle as this nerve in the uterus.Women prefer the silver toe rings because silver is a good conductor and it also helps to enter the energy of earth into our body

4-tilak and bindi

tilak and bindi right between our eyebrows.It helps to hold the concentration and human energy

5-applying mehandi

mehandi is a specific herb which keeps our hand calm.It cools our nervous system

6-Ear piercing

it is anci ritual especially for girls. It helps to embrace the intellectual process and increase decision making ability

I am not sure that there is always science behind the rituals but i am sure that there is always reasons behind it. Rituals made for our benefits But now it is being followed unconsciously.

rituals like chinese whisper game.Ancestors made a beneficial ritual. now till this modern it comes with new things. Now it is no longer beneficial.


Why women are bound to follow the rituals not men

why women are bound to follow rituals not men.

The world belongs to the man since the beginning. everyone knows that how rituals are colourful, joyful. Most of the indian festivals and poojas,women are at the forefront. Planning, executing and celebrating.women keeps fasts like karva chauth and narrate the karva chauth katha and do the rituals after seenig the moon. In india rituals have always made women do all the hard work. Although there are also some rituals that are performed by men. In india there is a mindset that women are physically weak, meek,Submissive,silent, passive, need to be protected. Although men and women are equal but still men afraid to lose their superiority. I believe that They don’t want to follow rituals because they don’t want to get involved with these practices and believe that women are more suitable for these.

In india most of the rituals followed by women. Scientists says that early men and women are equalhttps://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/may/14/early-men-women-equal-scientists

Science behind rituals and superstition

Earlier ancestors made rituals. They had been just try to mold People for good habits. But our generation don’t know that why rituals made for and if they follow those custom what would they get or lose. It’s being followed without evidence.

Yes we are going to talk about some rituals like.

Why women put sindoor on maang


In traditional Hindu society, wearing sindoor is considered must for married Hindu women. Sindoor was prepared by mixing metal , Mercury , turmeric powder and other herbal ingredients. Mercury has anti-stress properties . It helps to activate sexual drive and control blood pressure. This also explains why sindoor is prohibited for widows.